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About Marlena


Hello, I'm so glad you're here! 

I am a mom to three perfect little humans. I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia; so I'm a bit of a Southern Belle. I love college football and traveling. I embrace all things beauty and could probably stare out at the ocean every single day and not get sick of it. 

I consider myself fun and I'm most definitely hilarious. Laughing is my all time favorite thing.

Virtual Assistant offering quality Virtual Solutions

(The Professional Aspect)
(The Professional Aspect)

I have 20+ years of experience in my service areas; nine of those years were spent in a management level position. I was named one of eleven "Above and Beyond" in Customer Service on the globe in the 21-22 AIN survey.

                 I decided to start my own VA business to put my decades of experience to work in serving a new audience. I am self disciplined, motivated, fun, creative, light hearted, and a bit of a perfectionist. My goals are for you to reach your goals. I'll work behind the scenes tying up lose ends so you can be free to do more of what you want in your business ( or in your personal life, for that matter.) Let's strategize, evolve, and most importantly, let's succeed!  You can do it and I can help!

My Services

Website Design

 Are you trying to get your business website up and running? Or maybe your website just needs a revamp? Whether it's a PowerPoint, portfolio, or website; I can help! 

Planning | Organizing

Basically, your very own assistant at your fingertips.

Calendar Management

I can keep all of your "to-do's" organized and make sure you arrive on time.

Don't get double booked. Conference Calls,

Interviews, or appointments; I've got you!

Customer Service

Do you need somebody to be the voice of your business? I can help!

Proofreading| Editing

Let me use my grammar skills as a second set of eyes to your articles, ads, or posts.

Are your bills getting paid? Are your customers paying you promptly? Who owes who? Let me keep track for you!

 Receivables | Payables

Social Media Management

I can be the heart of your replies and DMs on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram;  this includes content creation and marketing strategies. I'll keep these outlets up to date in a professional, fun manner.

Data Entry

Quality, efficient data entry.

The Discovery Call!

Let's talk about your business goals and any problems you might be facing in your business. How can I be the best asset to your company. I'd like to tap into your business goals and offer ideas and solutions.

Select Your Package!

Decide what works best for you and your business needs. If you need help with this, I'm right here!

Signatures  & Promises!

I'll be sending your invoice, custom proposal and contract. Following the return of the signed contract, it's official! 

The Fun Stuff!

Next, we schedule a call to go over strategies, goals, and plans.

Contact Me!

Reach out via any outlet linked on this page and we will set up a Discovery Call. From here, I'll walk you through the entire process.

The Process

Get Started here:

Success! I'll follow up within 24 hours! 

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Purchase any package in March and receive two free hours, of any service!

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